Large Loop Levers for Henry Lever Action Rifles

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Large loop levers are available for all Henry Lever Action, Golden Boy , Big Boy, .30/30, .45-70 (pistol grip stock only) rifles, .410 shotguns, and all H024 Side Gate models. The large loop levers are ideal for those with large hands, when using gloves in the wintertime and for those who prefer enhanced western styling.

This part will not fit 1st Gen Big Boys made up to 6/24/08 ending at serial #BB0030015.

For most Henry H010 Series .45-70 Govt with a pistol grip buttstock as well as H018 Series .410 bore lever guns. Machined steel levers that will "drop in" for easy installation with no gunsmithing required. These will fit Henry H010/H018 Series rifles with pistol grip stocks such as the H010(W),H010WL, H018-410,etc. **


**Please note that some models already come with large loop installed from the factory, so make sure to check what your gun came with before ordering. 

Large Loop for Pistol Grip stocks (Standard Size Loop vs Large Loop shape)

 Pistol Grip Large Loop


Large Loop for Straight stocks (Standard Size Loop vs Large Loop shape)

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