Personalized Henry Golden Boy Cover

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Enter up to 20 words.

This offer is only for the H004 Series rifles in .22LR, .22 Magnum or .17HMR.  Because this is a custom part, please make sure you are ordering for the correct model of rifle.  This is a non-refundable part.

**Orders received by November 15th, 2017 are guaranteed Christmas delivery.**

Turn your Golden Boy into a unique personalized heirloom.

Henry Repeating Arms is proud to offer you the very rare opportunity to uniquely inscribe a Henry Golden Boy with your own words. You can now, at a very affordable price, create a very special rifle that will be treasured forever. Perfect for retirements, birthdays, graduations, promotions, Father's Day, military service or other special occasions - the Personalized Henry Golden Boy is the ideal gift for friends, family or valued business associates... or create one for yourself.

Either way, choose up to 20 words to create a very special, unique rifle that is destined to be an heirloom.

Due to the nature of the distribution system in the gun business, it is a 3 step process to obtain a Personalized Henry Golden Boy.  

  1. Purchase a standard Henry Golden Boy from your local gun shop, either model .22LR, .22 Magnum or .17HMR. This is the gun without any embellishment.

  2. Purchase the Personalized Cover, with your unique 20 word inscription. Please DOUBLE CHECK the "Custom Inscription" field for typing mistakes before placing your order. (Please allow 45 days to receive the personalized cover unless a different deadline is posted).  *Shipping labels are printed ahead of time so shipment notifications will not be active until your item ships.

  3. Install the new Personalized Cover yourself with the simple instructions provided.

For questions about ordering your Personalized Receiver Covers please call 844-451-1899.  These covers will not fit any other series of rifles.

You can also get a Personalized Receiver for your Golden Boy Silver.

*Should you want to change the inscription on your Personalized Golden Boy Silver before purchasing, please remove the item from your cart and order again with the correct inscription.

Have any questions about our Henry Pride items? Email Allison using this form, or call toll free 844-451-1899