Spare Stock Sets For Rice Lake, WI Production Models

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Direct OEM factory replacement drop-in stock sets.

These are for Rice Lake, WI Production models. You can confirm which plant your firearm was manufactured in by referring to the origin markings on the left hand side of the bbl, toward the chamber end.

Images are meant to depict each option as accurately as possible.

However, as wood is a natural product, there will variations in both grain and shade.

Sets are picked  at random from an inventory of sealed, boxed sets from our warehouse and cannot be hand-selected.

Please note that unless otherwise noted, there is no interchange between models.


Stock Set # H10-200 or # H10-200AW for H010/H018 Series models are now direct replacement wood sets for the synthetic furniture set on all X-Models: H012X, H012CX, H012MX, H009X, H010X and H018X.

If you plan on using the forearm part of the set, you will need a forearm cap at this link to complete the conversion. The screws from your X-Model forearm would then be re-used to secure it.


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