Warne 1" Medium Rimfire Rings

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Made in the USA by Warne.

All ring heights are Medium. 721LM and 721M are designed to mount directly to the built-in 3/8th inch dovetail on the H001, H002, and H003 Series receivers.

  • 721LM is the QD option for those who want the ability to remove/remount the optic to access iron sights. Fits the 3/8" grooved receivers of all H001, H002 and H003 Series guns.
  • 721M is the same as above except that they are Fixed with no option for tool less removal.
  • 201M are vertical split Fixed rings designed to fit standard Weaver-style bases like our  Goldenboy Scope Mount # GB-CSM. This will not fit the 3/8th inch built-in dovetail on H001, H002, H003 Series.


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