XS Sights Ghost Ring & Extended Rail For Henry H010(.45-70) Series Rifles

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  • Please note that this will only fit the following models: H010 (dovetail front sight models only), H010G, H010AW, H010GAW. 
  • For H010X models please contact XS at the links on the bottom of this page.
  • Crafted from lightweight and tough anodized aluminum
  • Compatible with Ghost Ring Sights, Conventional Scopes, Scout Scopes or Red Dot Sights
  • Picatinny specs: accepts Weaver or Picatinny rings or optics bases
  • White stripe front sight reflects light for visibility at dawn and dusk
  • Large aperture(.191) increases field of view
  • The new Lever Rail and ghost ring sights for the Henry round barrel 45/70 will turn your rifle into the ultimate hunting tool. 

    The Lever Rail is a precision machined, lightweight hard anodized aluminum optic mount that is made to Picatinny/MilStd 1913 specifications.  The Lever Rail will allow the mounting of any type of optic – conventional scope, scout scope, or red dot – to ensure that you can make the shot you need. 

    The fully adjustable ghost ring iron sights provide a durable, accurate set of metallic sights for those that want to make the shot of a lifetime even if the optic is out of service.  The front white stripe sight is visible across the broadest range of lighting conditions, regardless of whether you’re hunting a white-tailed deer in the Texas plains or a black bear in the deep woods of Colorado and anything in between.  If necessary, additional front sights are available from XS Sights to ensure that a proper zero can be achieved.

    A .230” ID aperture is installed in the rear sight from the factory.  This aperture allows for maximum light transmission to the shooter’s eye and gives the hunter the best performance over the widest range of lighting conditions.  A .191” ID aperture is included with the kit.  The smaller ID aperture allows for greater accuracy in good lighting conditions. 

    Like all XS Sights products, the Henry Lever Rail and ghost ring sights are made in the USA and are backed by a no questions asked lifetime warranty. 

    Th HN-1001-5 set is designed for the steel framed Henry rifles in 45/70 with a round barrel and a dovetailed front sight.  It WIL NOT fit rifles with a brass receiver.

  • Please see installation instructions below:
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxANs8xDJGY&t=18s


For H010X Models Only:

Henry .45-70 H010X Screw-on front sight

Henry Optic Mount - No Sights Included

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